I seriously can’t get enough of this song profile from the 1LLIONAIRE gang

meh wantz a new 1LLIONAIRE VLOG.. NOW LMAOO
im panicking right now, sooo i have to wait until 11pm (eastern time) to order these illionaire hoodies… cuz apparently the site is ready to go.. but i dont see it and the quiett wants to be mean and show a preview.. and im gonna die if i dont get my damn sweatshirts!!!

cuz technically i think 11PM here, is 12PM there- which would make it April 2nd??  im so confused someone help!

Dok2 - Best Time (In Our Life) 

i really want to see footage from Dok2’s birthday performance..

but the few that i seen everyone is only zooming in on Jay Park’s performance.. what about DOK2?! I MEAN IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAYYY!! AND THE QUIETT, you can’t have 1llionaire records without him too.. dammit, this blows.